Betaforce Ltd.

We, BetaForce Ltd. would like to take this opportunity to introduce our business and our project owner Jord Energy Pty (Australia).

BetaForce Ltd. is newly established company in 2021, giving consultancy to Jorge Energy Pty. in recruitment of team members to a quality control/ inspection team and facilitating Jorge Energy daily operation in Thailand.

Jord is a privately-owned, international company that is fast approaching five decades of steady, organic growth, serving our customers with innovation, value and reliability. Jord Energy is part of Jord group, doing business in power generation industry. The company supplies and services steam-cycle heat exchangers, air-cooled condensers, boiler systems, turbine auxiliary systems, clean air systems such as wet electrostatic precipitators and gas turbine exhaust systems for both simple and combined cycle power generation. With a long history developing innovative solutions for both baseload and renewable power, our team has developed a strong reputation for custom-designing, manufacturing, commissioning and servicing process plant for the global power generation industry. You may find more information about Jord and Jord Energy via webpages: and

Jord Energy has gradually been interesting in moving his utility-module fabrications for power generation industry into a potential fabrication base-Thailand and now executing several projects in supply of utility modules to a well-known power generating client in United State of America. Those utility modules have been fabricated in several fabrication workshops in Thailand including a subcontractor situated in Bang Pakong area, Chachoengsao since early 2021. We are now searching for energic candidates who have self-motivated with the ability to work within the quality/ inspection team in Thailand, reporting directly to Jord Energy (project owner).

Betaforce Ltd. 7 เพชรเกษม25/3 แขวงบางหว้า เขตภาษีเจริญ จังหวัดกรุงเทพมหานคร 10160 ประเทศไทย

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