Elabram Systems Group was established in 1999 in Malaysia. We have 26 footprints around the globe and business offices in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and in Philippines with core expertise in providing Network Planning Optimization (NPO) and Talent Acquisition & Deployment (TAD).

Our difference and success are based on the reliability, adaptability, expertise, on target as always in our projects and as the total on shore- off shore service provider. We own our growth to our clients who are given us the opportunity to prove our worth. We started as a Telecommunication Engineering and IT service provider specialized in Specialist Resource Provision, Project Management and Engineering Services of advance telecommunication in wireless network solutions but because of the trust of our partners and clients, we are now in our Offshore Outsourcing and Near shore Outsourcing expansion in Indonesia and in the Philippines.

Our clients demand quality solutions, ideas and competencies in all areas of wireless network solutions technology, and we take pride in providing them.

We owe our growth to many of our clients — global players in telecommunications equipment manufacturing and telecommunications operations — who have given us the opportunity to prove our worth in providing such solutions.

QC inspector


รูปแบบงาน : งานประจำ

จำนวนที่รับ : ไม่ระบุ

สถานที่ปฏิบัติงาน : สมุทรสาคร(เมืองสมุทรสาคร)

เงินเดือน(บาท) : ตามตกลง

วันหยุด : ไม่ระบุ

เวลาทำงาน : ไม่ระบุ

เวลาทำงานอื่น : ไม่ระบุ


-Supervising the loading and offloading of seafood onto/from the fishing vessel and conducting inspections to ensure compliance with specifications.
-Conducting visual inspections of seafood to identify any signs of spoilage, contamination, or damage. Ensuring that all seafood products produced are safe, free from defects, and contaminants by conducting thorough quality inspections and adherence to regulatory standards.
-Using testing equipment and instruments to assess the quality and safety of seafood, including pH meters, temperature probes, and microbiological tests.
-Sampling seafood products for laboratory analysis and conducting on-site tests for freshness and hygiene.
-Documenting inspection results, including any deviations from quality standards or regulatory requirements.
-Communicating findings to vessel crew and management and recommending corrective actions as needed.
-Monitoring sanitation practices on the vessel to prevent cross-contamination and foodborne illnesses.
-Collaborating with Super Cargo and vessel crew to implement quality control measures and best practices.
-Collaborating with vessel crew, dock workers, and processing facility staff to ensure efficient operations and compliance with industry regulations.
-Keeping abreast of industry developments, regulations, and best practices related to seafood quality and safety.
-Assisting with training and educating crew members on quality control


เพศ : ไม่ระบุ

อายุ(ปี) : ทุกช่วงอายุ

ระดับการศึกษา : ปริญญาตรี - ปริญญาโท

ประสบการณ์(ปี) : 1 - 3

อื่นๆ : ไม่ระบุ


-Prior experience in quality control and inspection roles within the seafood industry, with a focus on both raw materials and finished products preferably.
- Strong knowledge of seafood species, thorough understanding of seafood quality standards, specifications, and regulatory requirements.
- Familiarity with food safety principles and practices, including HACCP and GMP.
- Strong communication, attention to detail, observational skills, and problem-solving abilities.
- Ability to work independently and make informed decisions to ensure product quality and compliance.
- Proficiency in using testing equipment and software applications for quality assessment and reporting.
- Willingness to travel to various locations (such as customer’s plant in Mahachai area) for inspections and quality monitoring.
-Flexibility to work irregular hours and travel as needed.
-Commitment to upholding hygiene standards and following Good
-Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) throughout the production process.


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